We are a manufacturer that dedicates ourselves on high quality products and services; located in the Anping industrial area in Tainan. We do not only have the technical skill and knowledge but we also have years of experience in the industry, established in 1989. Our goal is to pursue the continuation of the progress to improve our technical knowledge and skill; in 2004 we adopted the SAP System to improve our internal process. In order to provide the best quality and service for our customers, we has been approved ISO-9001 (quality management system) certificated in July 2007, and also approved TS16949 certificated in Oct 2010.

Best quality, efficient process management, best service and total customer satisfaction.

By following our vision, we will work more closely with our customers to understand their needs, improve our process to make it more efficient for both time and cost, bring the product quality up to the next level and make our product more prices competitive to increase the market share and profit of our customers. We are hoping to build a tighter bond with our customer, so we can grow together and make a contribution to the end user and the industry.

Electronic components/modules, photo-communication modules, automobile components, OEM and ODM machinery parts that are designed and manufactured for every industry. 

Copper, Iron, Aluminum,Stainless Steel SUS303, 304, 316 and special material(Alloy,Kovar).